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Hey there, amazing beings! Hi there, I'm Erin and I'm from mainland China. I've been setting aside some funds to explore Taiwan, a destination that has captured my interest for quite some time. I was born in 2005 and I stand at a height of 165cm. My weight is 46kg and I have a lovely C cup that adds a touch of charm to my overall look. I am currently fully embracing the world of dance, passionately pursuing my love at the dance department. I have a little secret: I thoroughly enjoy being guided and taught. There's an exhilarating feeling that comes from using my body to captivate and delight you. I hope you find that part of me welcoming and pleasant. Now, let's go over the rules of engagement: Kindly refrain from discussing personal matters publicly. I'm considering offering paid meetings, but I kindly request that you refrain from repeatedly inquiring about it. Let's all maintain a respectful atmosphere here—no personal attacks towards me or any other viewers, please. To get started with private performances or ticketing, all you need to do is purchase a gift (starting at 1,000 diamonds). This will initiate the process for you. Every minute of performance requires 1000 gems. Our personalized films offer a delightful experience, with 10 purple and black diamonds per minute for films featuring faces, and 5 purple and black diamonds per minute for films without faces. For the sake of safeguarding my privacy, I have decided to wear a mask during my free live broadcasts. Once the payment is received, I'll be more than happy to remove the mask. I will greet newcomers with a warm and welcoming embrace. Also, just a friendly reminder that we won't be available on Mondays, so please avoid bringing any gifts or farewells on that day. Let's create an atmosphere that is welcoming and filled with positivity!

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