Karina Candy

Now that I've turned 18+1 years old, I've entered the exciting world of adulthood. It's a time for me to embrace what brings me joy and to spread that joy to those around me. Although I have recently graduated from high school, I am contemplating breast augmentation. But is it truly necessary? In addition to this platform, SWAG Live, you won't find me anywhere else. I'm committed to being here for the long haul. Together, we can celebrate and embrace our diversity, without feeling obligated to adhere to any strict guidelines. Indeed, genuine beauty radiates from within! I would love to hear about your deepest dreams and aspirations. Feel free to reach out to me through a direct message on SWAG Live, which happens to be one of my preferred platforms and the sole one I utilize. Please feel free to reach out to me privately if you're interested in getting to know each other better. I'm open to meeting up in person. If you're new to this platform, it's a great idea to create a free account and explore all it has to offer. In addition to myself, there are countless other stunning individuals to discover.

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