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Hello! Pleasure to meet all of you! Hi there! I'm Arisa, and I come from Japan. I reside in the heart of the country. I may not speak Chinese, but I am eager to learn and put in my best effort. Join me for a great time of camaraderie and enjoyment! Here's how it works: you can become a fan of mine by signing up on my profile page on SWAG Live and sending me messages. I am delighted to have the ability to communicate with you in a wide range of languages. I might consider using translation software, but it's only because I want to establish a connection with you. I've put together a short introductory video that you can find on my profile. Take a look! You'll catch a glimpse of it when you visit me. Rest assured, there's no need to worry. I won't harm you. I'm thrilled to be at SWAG Live, where I can engage in stimulating discussions without any concerns. It's a fantastic environment to explore exciting topics. Additionally, and this may not be of great importance, but I have a generous bust size!

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